Behind the Scenes of 'Dazed in Doon'


Behind the Scenes film charting the making of near-feature length film 'Dazed in Doon', directed by Oscar-nominated director Ashvin Kumar. 

Dazed in Doon follows the story of a pupil at the prestigious Doon School in India (of which the director himself is an old boy), and was produced in collaboration with the school to mark it's recent 75 year anniversary. Since completion, the film has struggled for release due to controversial censorship and copyright complications between the institution and the director, but this documentary is a fascinating insight into an international production (shot at and around the school, edited in Goa, colour corrected in Italy and sound-mixed in London!) made as a truly collaborative and participatory effort with the students themselves, who took a major part in the production.

Duration of Content: Approx. 30m

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